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Jawaban Formatif M3 LA1 Profesional - Folktale

Jawaban Modul Profesional PPG Dalam Jabatan Terbaru

Based on the text, choose the best answer A, B, C, or D and click the respective option to mark your answer.

1. "an odd man" in line 41 refers to …

No one
Rip Van Wrinkle
A villager
The little man

2. As the man had to give up all hope of getting across, he

saw a boat approaching the river
pulled out the pears and ate them.
walked along the river bank.
Changed the direction to his home

3. The following is the reason for the man to have given up all hopes of getting across the river.

The boats around were all broken
He was kicked into the ditch
The river bank of the small river was washed away
He could not find the bridge because of heavy rain

4. Rip Van Wrinkles family was poor, and his wife yelled at him every day because ...

he loved to tell stories to his children.
He was too lazy to work on his farm
he did not love his family
he loved to hunt and fish.

5. The man kicked the pears into the ditch because ...

he was not hungry enough to eat the pears
he was looking forward to the wonderful food at the wedding
he had to cross a small river
he could have not reached the pears beside the path

6. The moral value in the story was ... 

Don't be too quick to give up in order to reach your goals. 
Don't be too quick to decide that your wishes will come true
Don't look down on things and some one's effort of doing something.
Don't be too quick not to like things you think you don't need.

7. The word "by and by" in line 30 is synonymous to

In addition

8. The word "tripping" in line 22 could best be replaced by


9. When Rip Van Wrinkle awoke after his long sleep, he discovered that

he was on the hill where he and his dog had been
the little old man was looking at him gave signs to drink
his dog was lying with him and enjoying the singing birds
his eyes rolled in his head and he fell down.

10. Which of the following is not the reason for Rip Van Wrinkle to feel sorry about helping the little man?

His dog began to bark
tripping over rocks
Carrying the heavy barrel
Low branches hit him in the face

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