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Jawaban Formatif M3 LA2 Profesional - Fable

Jawaban Modul Profesional PPG Dalam Jabatan Terbaru
 Based on the text, choose the best answer, A, B, C, or D and click the respective option to mark your answer.
1. A monkey and a turtle agreed to go to the river to pick up rampe because ...
rampe was very important for them
they did not have anything to eat
there was a heavy down pour that made rivers overflow their banks
they needed it for their future stock of food

2. As the man had to give up all hopes of getting across, he
The monkey did not give the turtle's right. C. The turtle was cruel.
The king was not fair.
It wanted to give a lesson for the unjust king.
3. As the turtle did not get its right, it ...
walked along the street singing.
pulled out the bananas and ate them.
changed the direction to his home.
asked the king to drink up the blood of a fellow man
4. The moral value of the story is ...
Sometimes the things we like most are not good for us
Don't be greedy and unjust.
Don't be too quick to decide that your wishes will come true.
Don't look down on things and someone's effort of doing something.
5. What is the story about?
Question 5 options:
It's about a frog that committed wrongdoing to its little mouse-friend.
It's about the friendship between a frog and a little mouse.
It's about what would happen when a mouse drawn in a lake.
It's about what you can expect from a misdeed.

6. Which of the statements below best describe the moral value of the story?
Friendship should never be betrayed.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Everything that you do shall return to you one way or another.
Be careful of fake friendships.
7. The skipper would like to make a bet by having the buffaloes fight because …
His buffalo was so big and strong to win the game
the skipper did not like Datuk Ketumanggungan
the people there were intellectual.
the young buffalo was as strong as the old one
8. The word "abandoned" in line 20 can best be replaced by …
cast off
cut off
9. The moral value of the story can be describes as follow, EXCEPT …
do not listen to other people.
do not be sure of something
do not underestimate others.
do not like something too much.
10. The word "you" in line 7 refers to ...
The skipper
No one
Datuk Perpatin
all villagers

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