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Jawaban Formatif M4 LA2 Profesional - Caption

Jawaban PPG Daljab Formatif M4 LA2

Jawaban Formatif M4 LA2 Profesional - Caption

1.Which one is likely the headline of the caption?
City gives artistic touch to overpass pillars.
Students promote traditional martial art.
Marrying sports, arts, and creativity.
Involving students in city's development.

2. What/who is highlighted in the caption?
The pillars and creativity.
Pencak Silat.
Mural painting on the pillars.
Collaboration between students and the teacher.

3. The caption contextualizes the picture by using the ... of the activity.
initiator, context, persons in charge
object, location, time
cooperation, creativity, beauty
place, time, sponsor

4. The caption seems to suggest that ....
mural painting is expensive but achievable
the local government gets good support from the private sector
Jakarta looks more beautiful with mural paintings
students can be involved by the government for free

5. We know from the caption that mural painting can educate the society about....:
government-private partnership
the local culture
students' involvement
character building

6. The most suitable words to begin the caption is ...
Winning feeling
Soccer perfect
Big celebration

7. The headline of the news is most likely....
Edin Dzeko make a winning score over A.S. Roma
Dzeko strikes to take Roma into Champions League last night
The Roma's fans roar for the long awaited goal last night
The legendary goal raises the Bosnian striker's grade

8. The word 'celebrates' is closely associated with the image of....
hand claps
Edin Dzeko's upclose shot
happy faces
strong players

9. The caption is about ....
UEFA Champions League
Edin Dzeko
A.S. Roma's Bosnian striker
A.S. Roma

10. Which of the following is true according to the caption?
It was the first time for A.S. Roma to win the quarter finals.
Roma has never reached the quarter-finals in Champions League before.
Roma has waited for a long time to win the quarter-finals of the Champions League.
Roma has won the UEFA Champions League after ten year


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