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Jawaban Sumatif M4 Profesional - English for the Media

Jawaban Modul Profesional PPG Dalam Jabatan Terbaru

1. The newsworthy event restates the headline with more details about..., among others.
the plan
the location
the report
the expansion
the company
Question 2 (1 point)
What kind of feeling would the report most likely arouse in Indonesian readers in general?
Question 3 (1 point)
Why, according to the news report, will Go-jek charge no commission initially and no cost for GPS installation
To motivate Vietnamese drivers to work in ride-hailing services.
To facilitate prospective drivers who are mostly weak economically.
So that Grab and MV drivers will be attracted to join its service.
To win the competition with two major ride-hailing companies.
Because Go-jek will collaborate with local financial technology companies
Question 4 (1 point)
The headline reads Go-Jek sets sights on Vietnam. How should the verb be restated it in any other part of the news report?
Question 4 options:
was setting sights
has set sights
is setting sights
have set sights
had set sights
5. Which of the newsworthy fact in the headline is most elaborated?

The Fijian.
The banning.
The footballer.
The abuse.
The race.
Question 6 (1 point)
The part of the newsworthy event that provides more complete information to the headline is....
the racial statement
the consequence
the source of information
the type of the sanction
the purpose of the ban
Question 7 (1 point)
Which of the statements is true as far as the news is concerned?
Samuel Drudru had to leave the field because he got a red card.
Receiving the red card for his racial remark, Samuel Drudru had to leave the field.
The red card was given to Samuel Drudru because of the racial remark.
Saying the referee "white people", Samuel Drudru was sent off the field.
Samuel Drudru was sent off because he abused the referee with a racial remark.
Question 8 (1 point)
We learn from the news report that racial abuse is....
Question 8 options:
Question 9 (1 point)
The most suitable title of the caption is....
CSIS Executive Boards
Effect on Business
Strategic Talks
Regional Elections
Question 10 (1 point)
The word that can indicate the group participating in the talks is....


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