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Jawaban Formatif M2 LA4 Profesional - Exploring Notices

Jawaban Tugas dan Ujian Formatif dan Sumatif Modul Profesional PPG Dalam Jabatan


Question 1 (1 point)
What does the Notice mean?
We are allowed to enter Jack's room
Jack will be happy if we enter his room
Jack welcomes us to enter his room
We are not allowed to enter Jack's room
Question 2 (1 point)
Where can you find the notice?
At school
In a room
In library
At college
Question 3 (1 point)
What is the communicative purpose of this notice?:
To warn someone
To prohibit someone
to give advice
To give command
Question 4 (1 point)
What should we do after reading the notice?
Use another toilet
Keep the toilet clean
Help repair the toilet
Use the toilet on purpose
Question 5 (1 point)
What will the people do after reading this Notice?
The visitor should register people in the office
The office will not accept the visitors
The visitors can enter the offiice without registration
The visitors should go to the front office to inform their coming
Question 6 (1 point)
Where do you usually find the sign below?
At a park
At home
At school
In the supermarket
Question 7 (1 point)
Look at the picture below Which of the following sentences explain the sign above best?
If you steal any of the articles you should pay for it
The shoplifters are welcome
The shop is only for the shoplifter
If you steal any articles, the police will arrest you
Question 8 (1 point)
What does the notice mean?
Only a supervisor can use it
A supervisor needs to be employed
Only adult can use it
When children use it, he/she must be supervised by an adult
Question 9 (1 point)
What does the sign mean?
Question 9 options:
Burn easily
Very dangerous
Light and- expensive
Question 10 (1 point)
The word waste in the picture below has the same meaning as...



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