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Jawaban Formatif M4 LA1 Profesional - News

Jawaban PPG Daljab M4 LA1

Jawaban Formatif M4 LA1 Profesional - News

1. What does the headline leave out this newsworthy fact about the incident?
The type of the train getting the accident
The cause of the incident
The time of incident
The place of the incident

2. We know from the news report that Joni did not associate train accidents with....
track safety
material loss

3. What is the newspaper's position toward the incident?
It blames the government for the incident.
It praises KAI Daop II for KAI's immediate action to secure the executive cars.
It objectively reports the details of the incident.
It praises KAI Daop II for apologizing to the passangers for the incident.

4. Which of the newsworthy fact in the headline is most elaborated?
The railway tracks
The train
The railway station
The town

5. Despite the incident, no train delays ....
had happened
were observed
were made
were reported

6. Who is most likely the target readers of the news report?
People in general
Medical business people
Health insurance companies
Medical scientists
Pharmaceutical industries

7. What is the writer's attitude towards the issue?
Concerned with the discharge
Angry at the hospital's slow response
Supports the hospital's policy
Disappointed with the discharge

8. Reading the news, we eventually know that ....
Mr. Voelker was afraid of getting contaminated by the disease
the Voelkers could not take care of Mrs Voelker
the Voelkers got angry with the hospital
Mr. Voelker is most concerned with the risk on the daughter's health

9. Which of the following has the least news worthiness?
The risk on the family
The onerous safety precautions to protect the family
The source person
The timing of the discharge

10. Which of the statements is true as far as the news is concerned?
Mrs Voelker shouldn't have been discharged from the hospital after testing positive for Influenza.
Mr. Voulker could be concerned by his mother's discharge from the hospital for testing Influenza.
The hospital wouldn't have discharged Mrs Voelker for tesing positive for influenza.
Canbera hospital would have treated Mrs Voelker for being positive


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