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Remedial UTS English XII SMK Nusantara 1 Comal 2019

Prediksi Ujian Terbaru

Selamat datang di | Kali ini akan menghadirkan Ujian Remedial mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dari SMK Nusantara 1 Comal Pemalang. Untuk bisa mengerjakan ujian ini, perhatikan gambar di bawah ini.

Jawaban kamu akan disimpan di Google Drive untuk direview Pak Ubet Zubaidi. Data akan dipantau setiap hari jam 18.00 WIB. Pastikan kamu telah melampaui KKM 75 untuk ujian ini. Selamat mengerjakan.

1. Awan: Why did you come late?
Fiki: Sorry, the flight delay was due to ...
A. the heavy snow
B. the heavy snow was
C. it was the heavy snow
D. the heavy snow was snow
2. Many customer complained; as a result, the company changed its policy. The underlined clause shows...
A. cuase
B. complaint
C. effect
D. advice
3. Environmnet expert like Pachari claim that Planet Earth is steadily warming up because of human activities.
What cause the steady warm-up of Planet Earth?
A. Environment expert
B. Pachuari
C. The human
D. Human activities
4. Six years in the making. Thanks to numerous work stoppages, the centre is the most controversial of Beijing's new building.
The underlined phrase shows ...
A. Gratitude
B. Effect
C. Cause
D. Affection
5. His promotion _____ his father's connection.
A. Because
B. Because of
C. So
D. Caused
6. Woman : That's all my presentation. Can I answer any questions?
Man : ______
A. Can I take a glass of milk?
B. No. You have good presentation.
C. Please answer my question.
D. You can answer it by yourself.
7. Man : That's all of Vocapp Android application presentation. Any question?
Woman : Yes. Please explain what the key strength of your product is!
Man: This application will connect your teachers and students 24 hours. This app is easy to be used. We have technical support to help your teacher understand it.
Woman: Hmm.. My teachers need it. So, when we will start?

What can we conclude from the woman?
A. She refused to use the application.
B. Her teachers need to understand her.
C. Her school will use the application.
D. She starts to present the Android application.
Question 8-10
Jasmine: I’d like to fix my computer, it always crashes and shows blue screen.
Edward: Okay, I’ll check it.
Jasmine: Should I wait or leave it?
Edward : Please wait while your computer is being diagnosed.
Jasmine: Okay.
Edward: Mrs. Jasmine, you have a problem with your RAM memory. Would you like to change it with the new one?Jasmine : Yes, please.
Edward: Okay, your computer is running well now. Do you need another service?
Jasmine: ......
8. What is the topic of the dialog?
A. Jasmine wants to sell her computer.
B. Jasmine has a problem with her computer.
C. Jasmine wants to buy new RAM memory.
D. Jasmine needs a new computer.
9. According to the dialog, blue screen is caused by...
A. Computer is being diagnosed.
B. RAM memory problem.
C. RAM memory changing.
D. Computer is running well.
10. If you were Jasmine, what would you say to decline Edward's offer?
A. Yes, please.
B. Yes, thank you.
C. No problem.
D. No, thank you.
11. Mechanic: Would you like to change the oil, Sir?
Customer: _________ Please use the best oil.
A. No, thank you.
B. Don't mention it.
C. Sure, thank you.
D. Maybe next time.
12. Boss: I have an appointment with Mr. John. It's very important, but I will have a meeting at 1 p.m.
Secretary: ___________________
A. Would you like to reschedule the meeting?
B. Do you want to take a rest?
C. Would you like a cup of coffee?
D. Do you want to go home now?
13. Technician: _________________
Customer: No, thank you. I am satisfied with 350 GB space now.
A. Do you want to buy a new memory card?
B. Would you like me to change the keyboard?
C. Do you want to change your computer display?
D. Do you want me to extend your computer hard drive?
Question 14-18
Sudirman Street Number 211
South Jakarta, Indonesia

November 27th, 2019

Mr. Ronald Potter
Recruitment Divisional Manager
Jack Weasley Consultant
53 Fenchurch Street, London
Dear Mr. Potter,
Responding to your advertisement in last Monday’s Huff Post for a trainee architect vacancy, I am writing this application letter. I am interested in working with your company because your company is well known as a world leader in contemporary architecture.
You can see from my resume that I am a hard working person. The achievement that I am most proud of is The Most Innovative Architect award from Building of The Year Award from Honare Memory Institute. Regarding other requirements, I believe I am suitable candidate for the position since I hold a master’s degree in Architecture. In addition, I have good organizational skills and I am flexible about working hours.
I am available for interview at any time convenient to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time, by phone or writing by e-mail, if you have further questions.

Yours sincerely
Ubet Zubaidi
14. What is the text about?
A. An invitation letter
B. A reservation letter
C. An application letter
D. A pen pal letter
15. What will probably Mr. Potter do after reading the letter?
A. He will ask Ubet further questions.
B. He will contact Ubet for an interview.
C. He will give Ubet an architecture award.
D. He will be interested in the job advertisement.
16. I am available for interview.... (Paragraph 3)
The word "available" in the sentence also means...
A. ready
B. pleasant
C. engaged
D. occupied
17. What position is needed?
A. Manager
B. Architect
C. Postman
D. Master degree
18. Where did Ubet Zubaidi get the vacancy?
A. Mr. Potter
B. Friends
C. Website
D. Newspaper
19. Arrange these words into a good sentence: have - I - years' - 7 - experience - mechanic - as - in - big - a - company.
A. A mechanic have 7 years' experience as I in a big company.
B. big company experience as I have 7 years' mechanic in a.
C. I have mechanic as 7 years' experience in a big company.
D. I have 7 years' experience as mechanic in a big company.
20. Arrange these words into a good sentence: contact - me - you - phone - can - please - reach - me - by - or - email - an.
A. Please you can contact me, reach phone or by an email me.
B. Please contact me, you can reach me by phone or an email.
C. Please, you can reach me by phone or an email contact me.
D. Please you can reach me by phone, or contact an email me.

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