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Remedial UTS Gasal English X

Prediksi Ujian Terbaru

Selamat datang di | Kali ini akan menghadirkan Ujian Remedial mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dari SMK Nusantara 1 Comal Pemalang. Untuk bisa mengerjakan ujian ini, perhatikan gambar di bawah ini.

Jawaban kamu akan disimpan di Google Drive untuk direview Pak Ubet Zubaidi. Data akan dipantau setiap hari jam 18.00 WIB. Pastikan kamu telah melampaui KKM 75 untuk ujian ini. Selamat mengerjakan.

1. Andy : ______ .
Mona : Not so bad.
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. Hello
B. Nice to meet you
C. Hi
D. How is everything with you?
E. See you
2. Teacher : How do you do.
Students : ________ .
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. I'm very well
B. I'm fine, and you
C. How are you
D. How is everything with you?
E. How do you do
3. Mona is a new member of English club. She introduces herself.
Mona : Ladies and Gentlemen _______ .
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. Allow me to introduce myself
B. I'm happy to meet you
C. Let me introduce you to the audience
D. May I introduce you to the audience
E. I will tell you your name
4. I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Iqbal.
The underlined word has the same meaning as ....
A. Acquaint
B. Deduce
C. Contest
D. Annoy
E. Dedicate
5. Jane want to introduces Jack to her sister.
Jane : Jack, this is my sister Mona, and Mona this is Jack
Jack : _________ .
Mona : Nice to meet you, too.
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. How is she
B. How is your sister
C. Hi! Nice to meet you
D. Let introduce myself
E. How are you
6. Anisa: Good morning, Mr. Charles!
Mr. Charles : .....,
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. Good morning Anisa
B. Good afternoon Anisa
C. Good bye Anisa
D. Thank you Anisa
E. Good night Anisa
7. Zaenal : ....?
Rudi : Fine, thanks.
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. Good morning
B. How are you
C. What is your name
D. Good bye
E. Good boy
8. Badu : Hello Budi. How are you today?
Budi: : .................
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. I am 14 years olf
B. I live in Jakarta
C. Hello, fine, thanks.
D. My hobby is watching film
E. Good bye
9. Budi : Who are you, friend?
Badu : ...........
To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. I live in Pandan
B. I'm forteen years old
C. Don’t you recognize me? I am Badu. Budi?
D. My hobby is fishing.
E. I am 14 years old
10. Budi : Well. Well. Where did we meet?
Badu : We met each other at the SMK Nusantara 1 Comal building last Monday.
Budi : What a supprise! I never thought that we had met.
Badu : Well, never mind. By the way, I’m very glad to meet you again.
Budi : .............................................To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ...
A. So am I
B. You are too
C. Neither am I
D. Neither are you
E. Good bye
11. Text for number 1 -3
Lisa : “Hello, Sally, Have you read the announcement?”
Sally: “About what?”
Lisa : “I have jus told by Eric via SMS that you had passed the National Examination.
Sally : “Oh, really?”
Lisa : “Yes, you may read the SMS yourself, here you are.”
Sally : “Wow, thank you so much for telling me.”
Lisa : “Don’t mention it. I .... (1)”
Sally : “ ... (2) for saying so.”
Lisa : “...(3). So, where will you continue your study?”
Sally : “I still have no idea yet.”
A. congratulate on your graduation
B. congratulate on your achievement
C. am sorry to hear that
D. am so proud of you
E. like it
A. Don’t
B. Thank you very much
C. I’m happy
D. I’m really happy
E. I’m very proud
A. Okay
B. You’re welcome
C. Of Course
D. Yes, I do
E. Good Luck
14. Text for number 4-7
Shinta : “I heard you won the first prize for your short stroy. .... (4)”
Wulan : “ ... (5).”
Shinta : “As your freind I’m ... (6).”Wulan : “Thank you.”Shinta : “You deserve it because it’s a very good story.”
Wulan : “... (7)”
A. Congratulations!
B. Thank you
C. Very produd of you
D. Really!
E. What are you doing?
A. Very proud of you
B. Congratulations
C. Thank you
D. That’s a pity
E. I’m very proud of you
A. very proud of you
B. thanks
C. thank you very much
D. really
E. sure
A. Really?
B. Of course
C. Thank you
D. Sure
E. No problem
18. The following sentences are expression of congratulation, except....
A. please accept my warm congratulation
B. I congratulate you on your success
C. I’m sorry to hear that
D. congratulations!
E. well done, congratulations for you
19. The following sentences are responses of congratulation, except....
A. thank you
B. thank you very much
C. it was really nothing
D. it’s nice of you to say so
E. no problem
20. Which statement is true?
A. Congratulation is the act of expressing joy or acknowledgement, as for achievement
B. Congratulation is the feeling of being grateful
C. Congratulation is something that you sayor do to greet
D. Congratulation is the feeling of being sorry for somebody
E. Congratulation is an arragement, a promise
21. I will not . . . . . my Dad about the accident.
A. Told
B. Telling
C. Tells
D. To tell
E. Tell
22. Manda : I . . . . . the students exchange programme next year.
Kiki : that’s good idea
A. Join
B. Joined
C. Will join
D. Have joined
E. Joins
23. Nita : what are you planning to do with all these sculpture?
Rachmat : I . . . . . them in cultural fair next month.
A. To be exhibiting
B. To exhibit
C. Will exhibit
D. Be exhibiting
E. Exhibits
24. Yongki : what is your plan for this weekend?
Yoga : I . . . . . my uncle.
A. Will have visited
B. Have visited
C. Visited
D. am going to visit
E. Visit
25. Eka : could you tell your brother to meet me at the cafetaria tonight?
Eko : sure, I . . . . . him.
A. Told
B. Will tell
C. Be telling him
D. Tell
E. Tells

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